What is Carleton-Willard At Home? Expand

Carleton-Willard At Home is an innovative membership-based not-for-profit organization designed to help you remain in your own home as you age. We do this by providing assistance with practical day-to-day tasks and access to social, cultural, and educational activities, health and wellness programs, and volunteer opportunities. At Home serves adults 65 and older living in Bedford, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, and Winchester.

Why is Carleton-Willard At Home needed? Expand

Carleton-Willard At Home provides an affordable option for people whose greatest wish as they grow older is to remain in the multi-generational community they love. Carleton-Willard At Home helps you to stay independent, healthy, and safe, while you continue to contribute to the vibrancy of your community.

What are the benefits of being a Carleton-Willard At Home Member? Expand

Membership in Carleton-Willard At Home provides the following:

  • One phone number to call for assistance or for help in coordinating services
  • Prompt, friendly, and professional customer service from dedicated At Home staff
  • Access to our Service Provider Referral List
  • Free and discounted transportation services
  • Weekly trip to the grocery store
  • Pickup and delivery of prescriptions to your home from local pharmacies
  • Participation in At Home-sponsored classes, exercise groups, and social and cultural activities
  • Members-only special events
  • Social connections
  • Safety net
  • Peace of mind
What are the annual membership dues? Expand

Yearly dues are $700 for an ‘individual’ membership and $990 for a two-person ‘household’ membership. Make checks payable to Carleton-Willard At Home and mail to 100 Old Billerica Rd, Bedford, MA 01730.

What if I'd like help arranging services that involve a fee? Expand

Your At Home membership gives you access to a wide range of providers offering everything from transportation to home repair, computer assistance, in-home care/support, house cleaning and more. At Home staff can help coordinate these services for you or you can contact the providers yourself to make your own arrangements.

What is I need something that is not on the list of services? Expand

Ask us! We’ll help you find what you need.

I am in good health. Why should I join Carleton-Willard At Home now? Expand

Membership in Carleton-Willard At Home is like an insurance policy, with benefits that grow over time. By joining now, you can take part in the activities that appeal to you today. And if something unexpected occurs, you will have the assurance of the help you need. Our dedicated staff are here to enhance your lifestyle by helping you deal with tasks you previously had to handle on your own.

What are the payment options? Expand

Members have the option to pay annually, by check or credit card.

Can I buy a membership for my parents? Expand

We encourage you to! This is a thoughtful gift for a birthday or for the holidays. Your parents can then use At Home services when they wish, and you can have peace of mind.

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